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Friday, February 03, 2006

The other day our beautiful con law professor gave a motivational speech encouraging us to "play the law school game" in class and protesting that he is not an unpleasant person. I wasn't there because I find the class unpleasant, but my friends-- or might they prefer, colleagues-- were really excited about it.

First, the word on the street now is that our professor is nice. Because he said he was, and aggressively cold-calling and rejoining sassily and calling people by last names is just an act. But it's an act that makes a lot of us uncomfortable. I know you people all really suck at judging character, so let me put this in clear and logical terms, like the law or Truth:
making people feel bad = mean

I've heard that cold-calling and over-aggression prepares us for the real world. That's a good point-- in a few years most of us are going to be in front of a Napoleonic judge arguing about abstract principles that we learned the existence of the night before. Especially if OCI gets us jobs as TV actors.

Fighting for people is worthwhile and motivating. I did it throughout college, and thought on my feet and my face might've gotten red too. But fighting doesn't come naturally to me about, for example, the commerce clause. I just don't possess that level of testosterone. It would be sexist of me to fault some of my friends-- I mean, colleagues-- for getting excited so easily... so I'd better just move on to my next point now.

Doesn't it kind of suck that the "real world" is unnatural, adversarial, and impersonal? Wouldn't it be cool if law professors took advantage of their positions to stop perpetuating all the bullshit that makes life sadder than it needs to be?

--Have to stop now because admin is over. I write blog posts during it because I'm not afraid of the prof--


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