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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I just peered out from my NYTimes/Gawker cloud for long enough to realize the case they're talking about is the same one I observed a class talking about last year when I was checking out NYU. It's about interpreting the phrase "prior to December 31." Last year I thought the "discussion" was interesting! I don't know why; maybe I was lying to myself to feel smart. Maybe because I was too fresh from college poetry classes and believed eventually the professor would reveal that "prior to December 31" was a metaphor for love. It was probably because I'd waited tables every other day that week. Anyway, right now I have all the reasons in the world to pay attention-- theoretical background, grade incentives, you're not IM'ing me :( -- and I am blogging. The fact is that everything sucks if you do it every day.

So I'm glad I decided to be a lawyer instead of a sex columnist.


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