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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Third post of the month: world's greatest blond joke

... here. Just read it before you flame me, mmm-kay?

Second post of the month: BOFH guessing game

This eloquent post, by an irate BOFH from NYU School of Law's generally helpful IT department, raises a number of questions:

  1. Which "yale undergrad, harvard law and PhD" professor can't figure out Start -> All Programs -> Windows Update? (Hint: there are only two members of the fulltime faculty with that cred.)
  2. Which (all?) professors get free, in-home tech support? (When I was in the "IT Industry" this was reserved for people with budget power.)
  3. Does someone in IT really have a "bourgeois educational pedigree?" Why isn't he going to law school--the logical thing to do with a "bourgeois educational pedigree?"
Answer in the comments section.

And carry on "speedy pete 312!" The students are with you! Fight the power!!!

Link of the month: grammar advice

Wog. Spastic. Queer. Nigger. Dwarf. Cripple. Fatty. Gimp. Paki. Mick. Mong. Poof. Coon. Gyppo. You can’t really use these words any more and yet, strangely, it is perfectly acceptable for those in the travel and hotel industries to pepper their conversation with the word “beverage”.